Friday, January 7, 2011

More Wedding Photos...Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  Enjoy more party pics from the Zick-Jones Wedding.  Many of these are thanks to Aunt Sandy since I was not carrying my camera around that night - no place to hide it in a short strapless dress. 

Happy New Year - don't we look festive?

I am not sure if Tyler was screaming or singing.  He was a trooper. 

Grandpa and Tyler.  Grandpa loves this little boy!

Julie and Ali discussing something funny. 

Kyle, Mom will never stop giving you direction. :)

Zach, Anna and Krista lighting up the dance floor.  I love how Anna is showing off her saxophone skills.

Krista and Anna.  Beautiful!

Cousins pic. 

Krista, Bob and Kyle in deep discussion.  Gee, I hope it was not politics.

Adam and the Harms Family. 

Grandpa and Grandma - a nice photo but would have been better with Grandma's eyes open. :)

Nancy and Mrs. & Mr. Carter

Wood kids - Susan, Mike, Wendy (mom with her mouth open), Patty, Sandy and Frank

Just the girls - Susan, Wendy, Grandma, Sandy and Patty

Breaking it down...

Kisses for Krista

And for mom - watch out for that bling on my hand!

Sandy wants in on the action giving Krista kisses too!

Aww...I love this one.  Kyle and Grandma.

Senior bridesmaids and Maggie...or so they called themselves.

Showing a little leg.

Father/daughter dance - very nice!

Cousins break it down....kinda. :)

Yea, Jeanne!  Finally, on the other end of the camera!  Looking good.

Maggie and Grandma Zick. 

Dad in true party fashion with a Bud. 

Krista and Grandma ready to ring in the New Year.

Ross, Steve and Jeff ready for 2011!

Loving the boa.  Yikes!

Happy New Year!

Kyle & Maggie, we had a blast at your wedding.  Here's to a great 2011!

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  1. Ali- Did you dance to "New York, New York"? I am LOVING these photos! Thanks for posting them. oxoxoxxo