Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Nathan's 3rd Birthday: Part 2

The following day, St. Patrick's Day, we took the day off work and pulled the kids out of school/daycare to have a family play day at the Magic House.  It was so, so, so fun!  
Warning:  photo overload!

Big time 3 year old!  

Grant's head.  He has a big, beautiful noggin.  :) 

Tyler's face.

Family photo of our faces. :) 
Nathan, Tyler, Mom, Dad, Grant 

This looks safe, right?  

They made it!  

Grant and Daddy got to play in the tiny tots section for a bit while the big boys played in the water.  

I know I have said it before but Jeff is such an amazing dad!  He goes with the flow, is patient and doesn't complain when we drag him to activities filled with 100s of kids.  

Car repair!  

Tyler could have spent hours in the grocery store playing with the cash register.  He is totally my kid!  

We DID spend almost an hour in this room!  Balls and pipes to make different tracks.  Tyler was working hard to figure out the best options.  

Grant loves to learn/play too!  

I used to LOVE Tangrams when I was a kid!  I may need to check out Discovery toys to see if they still carry one of my favorite puzzle games involving Tangrams.  

Fun with magnet towers.  

The Rams football helmet doesn't look that big on Nathan.  

Grant's ready for some football too!  

Okay, maybe not quite yet.  

Can you imagine these two playing football?  

As you can tell by ALL the photos...if you are still looking reading/looking, way to go and thanks...we had a great time at the Magic House.  We followed our morning up with burgers for lunch (Nathan's pick) and drove home with 3 sleeping boys!  

Stay tuned for Part 3: the birthday party!  

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