Saturday, August 15, 2015

Nathan's 3rd Birthday: Part 3

Finally, Nathan's birthday party update!
It was only 5 months ago!  

Nathan helped to pick out the invites we had made.  

Mantle decorations.  

I took photos of all three boys to include in the frame on the mantle.  They are still up there 5 months later because they make me smile.  

The serious crime fighter.  

Always a super hero!  

Not always crazy about it, but is forced to go along with his brother's crazy antics.  :) 

Easy/cheap decorations!  

One of Nathan's requests for the party was for everyone to have a TMNT mask so I set off to cut lots of green faces and the different color masks.  I sewed them together with elastic.  Nathan still loves them and they are often strewn all over the playroom downstairs.  If anyone is having a TMNT party, you are welcome to borrow/have them!  :) 

I bought a little cake because we do NOT need leftover cake at our house.  

Since he wanted cupcakes too!   They only turn 3 once, right?

Brody dressed the part.  He and Hadley had on matching TMNT shirts!  So cute!  

Nathan loved that everyone was wearing the masks.  Our family are such great sports!  


We sure to love this sweet, spunky, sugar loving, bad guy fighting 3 year old.  He lights up our house and keeps us on our toes!  


It was a great party.  Now I am off to plan for Tyler's 6th birthday...I am not sure how that is even possible that we will have a six year old! 

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