Sunday, February 1, 2015

O Christmas Tree

Yes, I know it is the 1st of February and I am just now posting about Christmas.  I have been doing two jobs (not just counting real job and mom, either) for the last two months so hopefully as I ease into my new role at work and only have one job, blogging will return to a bit more normal pace.  More on the job later...maybe. :) 

December 6th we ventured out to pick out our 2014 Christmas tree.  We had the date on the calendar for a few weeks as it is one of our favorite traditions.  Of course, it rained the day before.  No stopping us.  Everyone put on their boot and we geared up.  It was very fitting for our pack of boys to tramp through the mud before cutting down a tree.  :) 

Tyler is so good and sweet with Grant.  

A full load of adorable boys! 

Grant wanted to walk but the ground was pretty tough to maneuver.  It was a nice relief for me too because the kid is getting heavy.   

Our family Christmas tree 2014!

Tyler got to help saw down the tree.  Jeff was smart to have him kneel in the sled so he wasn't completely covered in mud.  

Nathan was an excellent observer.  

Grant just liked stomping in the mud.

I just think this cabin is so cute.

Tyler tried to put the star on the tree but he is getting SO big, Jeff wasn't able to lift him at the right angle.  

So it was Nathan's turn! 

The boys, Jeff included, wanted color lights rather than my choice of the white lights so I went out to purchase new LED color lights this year.  #overruled

We set up the train to complete the look.  The boys LOVE it the train.   

Our 2014 Christmas tree was ready for the season.  

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