Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Little Rascals Christmas Program

December 17 was Tyler's Christmas program for Little Rascals.  Ms. Brenda and her crew do an AMAZING job with ALL the little boys and girls.  We are so lucky to have an awesome preschool!  

See the 2013 Christmas program here

The big boys ran around the gym while we waited for the program to begin.  We had to get there pretty early to save seats for our crew! 
Nathan started preschool in January so more coming on that in a post soon to follow. 

Tyler was so handsome in his tie.  

Nathan loves his Baby Brody!  

When Tyler walked in with his drum on I could not stop smiling.  

The pride Nathan has for his big brother is awesome!  

Tyler was amazing.  
Obviously, I was very tickled by the whole performance as I giggled through the whole thing.  I sure wish I could have muted myself. 

She is giggle free! :) 

Belting it out his songs!  
Yes, Tyler is a giant in his class!  

Brody was less than impressed with the performance. :) 

This kid rocked the drum!  
While I was super proud I was also having visions of drums in our house in grade school for band...yikes! 

Some of his friends from the Tumbling Teddy Bears. 

Grant's favorite part of the night was cookies with Grandma.

Tyler was excited to see Santa again. 

Lovely smile for mom. 

It was a fun night celebrating the hard work of the kids and teachers!  
Merry Christmas! 

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