Thursday, June 27, 2013

Wesselschmidt Wedding

Over Memorial Day weekend my cousin, Erin, married a good friend of ours, Jeff Wesselschmidt.  It was such a fun celebration!

Warning: There are a LOT of photos! 
Tyler with 3 of the 4 Wood girls at the rehearsal. 

Paul giving a great speech at the rehearsal dinner!

Nathan was getting sleepy on Popo's lap.  

Hadley and Tyler enjoyed some time on Kyle's lap. 
Wedding Day!
Three good looking guys: Zach, Tyler and Kyle!
Nathan was looking sharp too!

Erin was beautiful and Jeff couldn't take his eyes off her. 

Pretty bridesmaids all in a row.
Family members look on...

At least Krista has the happy, lovey dovey smile on her face. ;)

Tyler was well behaved during the service and read a good portion of the hymnal.

Grandma kept Nathan happy with fruit snacks and a drink during the service. 

Uncle Kyle helped wrestle Nathan after the wedding was over.

Krista and Zach watched Tyler be entertained by a game on Krista's phone.  Kids and technology these days...just as bad as the adults!
I love this photo of the very photogenic Wood girls (minus Erin) and Tyler. 

Beautiful bride and her ring bearer (not looking at the camera).

Good looking wedding party.
Jeanne took this photo of Tyler and it may be one of my favorites of the day.  Silly boy!

After photos everyone was ready for a beverage.  Tyler and I refrained from beverages of this nature.  A big thanks to Grandma and Popo for taking Nathan home to rest so we could have fun on the party bus!
Tyler was so thrilled to dance on the coolers in the center of the bus. 
 A brief clip of Tyler's dancing.

I love this little guy who is growing up too quickly!

Jeanne staged these awesome group shots that I just followed behind and snapped a few photos.  Jeanne, you are amazing! 
Notice Tyler's hand on his hip...the kid cracks me up!

Kasey and Tyler.  Tyler obviously needs to take some photo taking tips from Kasey. 

Will Jessie and Adam be next to get hitched?

There there is innocent little Megan...
A rare family photo. 
This was the same reception spot where Jeff and I celebrated our wedding.  We hadn't been back since so it was fun to see how our family has grown (and continues to grow...) in the last 8+ years! 

Tyler, blurry, but enjoying a "fancy" drink.  It was just 7up with a splash of grenadine and a cherry, but it sure makes the kid feel special.  Thanks, Grandma!  

A family photo while waiting for dinner.  Yes, Nathan changed out of his suit into his PJs.  Don't you wish you could party at a wedding in your jammies?  A HUGE thanks to Uncle Greg for coming to get both boys and take them to our house and put them to bed.  Lifesaver! 

Nathan kept busy playing the spoons while waiting for dinner.  Such talent! ;)

Jeff and Erin took dance lessons to prep for their big first dance and it was beautiful...even though the guys gave Jeff a LOT of trouble about the dance classes.

Aren't they cute?  Happy Wedding Day, Jeff and Erin! 
We also had a lot of fun with the photo booth...maybe not a much fun as Kyle.  Kyle wanted photos with EVERY familiy member! 
Doesn't Jeff remind you of a much more attractive Drew Carey in those glasses? 
Don't ask what we were doing in any of these was just a good reason to act goofy (as if we really need a reason)!
The wedding and reception were a blast!  May Jeff and Erin have a lifetime of love and happiness! :)

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  1. Those Woods girls sure are beautiful! Love all of the family photos, too....especially the four (5) of you!