Friday, June 7, 2013

Mother's Day at Grant's Farm

Mother's Day started out pretty normal.  Jeff was at the golf course as they had a huge week of tournaments in the upcoming week.  The boys and I had waffles and headed to church where we enjoyed an awesome service celebrating mothering in so many forms. 
We then headed home to change clothes and gear up to go to Grant's Farm. We picked up Dad on the way.  Grant's Farm was CROWDED and it took a bit of time to catch the tram and actually get into the park but then we were set and had a blast. 
No surprise that Nathan was not fearful of getting up close and personal with the baby goats.  He wanted to pet each one. 

Usually when we visit Grant's Farm Tyler has goats jumping on him for him to feed them but I guess since it was so crowded and it was later in the afternoon Tyler really had to work to get the goats to drink his two bottles he had for them. 

He would walk up to them and say "Are you thirsty?"

He was persistent and patient. 

After the goats, Tyler wanted his picture taken with the peacock...but he didn't really want to take his eyes off of it. 

Tyler was so excited to ride the carousel.  It was Nathan's first ride and he was a bit nervous.   

"Mom, I am not sure I want to you to let go."

I am not sure what this face was about.  He was probably riding the horse into some sort of battle in his head.  Boys!

So sweet! 

We also watched the bird show.  It was pretty cool to see a bald eagle. 

Dad and Tyler fed the camels. 

The Clydesdales are so pretty, even the younger ones.  They are just so majestic!

Goodbye, Grant's Farm...until next time!
I received a beautiful pot of flowers that hopefully I can keep alive ALL summer long.  
One of my most favorite gifts was the hand and footprints Aunt Sandy helped the boys make the previous Tuesday.  It was supposed to be a surprise but Tyler came running in the door on Tuesday saying "Mom, we did hands and feet today."

I am so incredibly blessed to be a mom and have amazing examples of wonderful moms to learn from and ask questions. 
To my own mom, THANKS! Although thanks just doesn't seem to give my appreciation justice. 
Tyler and Nathan are also so blessed to have amazing grandmas, great-grandmas, aunts, great aunts, cousins and dear friends that have all treated them as their own kiddos.  Thank you wonderful ladies (most of you who read this blog)! 

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