Saturday, June 29, 2013

Field Trip Friday: Monkey Joes

Field Trip Fridays are back again this year. 
Aunt Patty and Zach joined us on a trip to Monkey Joes on a rainy Friday the last day of May.  My kiddos LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Monkey Joes. 
This was a very rare moment that both boys were in the same bounce house and playing together. 

Nathan was so excited to be able to climb and NOT get in trouble! :)

He was in heaven!

Tyler climbed up the stairs/rope and slid down the big slide more times than I could count.  He was working so hard he was sweating and he came running over to me asking for a drink. 

I am pretty sure there was a permanent smile on his face...until I told him it was time to go.
No obstacle course was a match for Nathan!


This was taken with my phone and a bit blurry but I love how Nathan is just watching the little girl jumping.  He was literally getting bounced around by the other kids and giggling. 
It was the perfect rainy day, kids need to burn off some energy, field trip. 

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