Monday, January 14, 2013

Christmas afternoon

Alright already...I know I need to finish up my Christmas posts.  I am way behind.  Sickness went through our household this past week.  Nathan and I managed to escape the bad stuff.  Daddy and Tyler were not so lucky.  Tyler is still feeling the effects slightly but he is in great spirits I think we are on the home stretch of this little bug. 
Anyway, after the Christmas festivities at our house, we packed up and headed to Grandma and Grandpa Wood's house and then onto Jeff's mom and dad's house. 

This was our only family photo for the day.  And, yes, I know Nathan is not looking.  I am pretty sure Aunt Sandy was clapping for him to come to her.  Notice how Jeff has a beer bottle and Nathan's bottle in one hand.  ;)

Tyler thought he was being really helpful by offering everyone to open their presents.  

Hadley was enjoying her first Christmas chillin' with Great Uncle Frank. 

Nathan was not quite as calm during his first Christmas.  He was into everything!  What do you have there Aunt Susan? 

More unwrapping by Tyler...

Nathan got plenty of attention from the Wood girls, even if they did dress him up in a pink pig hat.  

Tyler loved Grandma's train set that he could play with.  Anna was a great help.  Thanks, Anna, for helping to keep him occupied.  

Nathan wanted to break into new popcorn bowl that someone received.  Krista was trying to simply enjoy feeding Hadley but then she had to try to keep Nathan from terrorizing the gifts.   I just kept taking photos.  Gotta love the help from the family! :)

One of the few moments Nathan was sitting still.  Notice his fingers in my hair - this is a constant when I wear it down.  Ahhh!  He finds it soothing and often puts himself to sleep running his fingers through my hair.  Tyler did the same thing...strange boys.  

Tyler was helping Aunt Maggie too.  She was deep in conversation with someone...  

Zach got GG a sweatband for Christmas and she was sporting it with style...or something like that. ;)  

Jeff was playing with both boys and attempting to feed them both a blueberry muffin.  Don't you love Tyler's action photo? 

It is going to take a small fortune to keep these boys fed in a few years...look at them!  
Sorry about the crumbs, GG!  

After making our mess and enjoying a great meal, we wrapped up at GGs and were off to Grandma and Popo Francis' house. 

After a diaper change, Nathan got up and decided Christmas is with family so no more need for pants.  Lucky kid, he can get away with it and it is still cute. 

Constantly on the move!  And happy about it.  It is still hard for me to think that he is only 9 (almost 10 now) months old.  He is everywhere!
Poor Popo was just trying to catch an afternoon/evening nap and Tyler was shining his Thomas flashlight in his face. 

Jeff thought it was funny so he encouraged Tyler to get cousin Abbey too.   Tyler was trying to give her a kiss to wake up Sleeping Beauty.  

We pulled in the drive way about 6:45 that evening and both boys were in bed sound asleep by 7:30p.  Jeff and I were in bed before 9 that night.  Christmas is exhausting but oh, so much fun!  :) 

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