Tuesday, January 22, 2013

10 Months!

I am almost a week late in getting this posted.  Ugh!
Working full time, keeping up with 2 3 boys (husband included), cleaning, playing, teaching (we are trying to learn to use scissors), folding laundry, working out (thank goodness for late night elliptical sessions downstairs), playing, cleaning, cooking (a huge help from my hubby on this one), folding laundry...you get the point...blogging has been low on my priority list.  Sorry! 
In the mean time, our baby is growing up and is 10 months old now.
Nathan is getting so big.  He is a really happy kid. 


He is a little mischievous.  I think this photo looks like he is about ready to do something he shouldn't. 
He is very quiet most of the time but has been talking more and more.  His vocabulary includes:
  • Mama
  • Dada
  • Catch (meaning ball - I think this is what happens when you have an older brother that constantly asks to play catch)
  • Quack (meaning duck - again playing in the bath tub with an older brother forms a unique vocabulary)
  • uunh (grunt) - usually means he wants more food
Nathan definitely understands the word no but does not like to hear it.  He will give us the sad pouty face and sometimes offers up a whimper until he hears no again which will either result in the activity stopping and/or a full blown break down by Mr. Nathan.  It really is pretty comical assuming this behavior doesn't last too much longer.  I think he is starting to catch on that when we say no, we mean it...small victory for mom and dad!
Nathan prefers to eat "big people food" but we are using up some baby food that has been made and I have purchased some baby food with chicken/vegetable mix for a wholesome dinner.  His favorite foods are puffs, strawberries, green beans, yogurt, chicken, crackers...well, Nathan pretty much loves all food.  He doesn't turn his nose up at much of anything.
Nathan is always walking now and really never utilizes crawling anymore.  He is getting really fast and I think running to keep up with Tyler is on the horizon...or maybe just really fast walking that sometimes causes him to bite it. 
Nathan has also really started to push the limits...climbing on furniture, standing and, as this picture shows, "surfing" on the rocking chair which causes big belly laughs from the little man.  He also has started to squat down and attempts to jump.  It is possibly one of the funniest things to watch. 
Oh, what will our sweet little Nathan be able to do next month!?! 

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