Sunday, May 6, 2012

Walk/Run Fun

Last Saturday we loaded up (I feel like I have so much gear when we go anywhere for more than 3-4 hours) and joined family members for the Friends of Kids with Cancer walk/run in honor of my cousin, Todd Zick.  Tyler, Nathan and I arrived a bit early so we got to play a bit.  Tyler was so excited there was a bounce house!  Tyler could have stayed there all day.  It was a bit traumatic when it was time to move on to another activity.

There were some bigger kids in the bounce house so Tyler spent a lot of time falling down, but he didn't care - still a ton of fun. 

Uncle Kyle and Aunt Maggie brought their niece Emily.  Emily and Tyler had the clown make balloon dogs for them. 

Probably the only time Tyler was standing still all morning (at least when out of the stroller).  His favorite game lately is "You can't catch me..."

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