Sunday, November 20, 2011

Messy Fest

Our usual Friday playgroup planned a "Messy Fest" this past week.  Tyler is not one to get his hands least not yet.  We went regardless as if someone was going to voluntarily allow my child to get messy, I was all for it.  We were told to have the kids wear "play clothes" aka clothes you didn't really care about. 
Tyler's favorite station was the pit of shredded paper. 

He was filling buckets and pouring it over his head. 

We stayed in the shredded paper area for quite some time...

There was another station with shaving cream that they could color with paints.  Tyler sat down, put one finger in the shaving cream and immediately wiped it on his shirt and got up.  Not interested.  For the rest of the kids, it was a pretty big hit...and VERY messy!

After the shaving cream incident, he wanted to sit and read a few books.  I love the fact that his favorite activity is reading.  We spend hours and hours reading books. 
His latest thing is spelling words everywhere we go.  
Side stories: When driving around town and pulling up to a stop sign he says "Stop Mommy.  S-T-O-P...octagon."  
At the dry cleaners the other day, he spelled "O-P-E-N" (from the sign near the door) and then asked "What's that spell?"  It is constant.  He will also tell me random letters "R-Q-U-P-T" and ask me
"whats that spell?"  I often have to think, but usually say "that is not a word, Tyler."  He cracks me up!

Back at playgroup, after a few books, he ventured over to the oatmeal table which was set up like a big sand table.  He was okay with this one too as his hands didn't get dirty or sticky. 

Messy playgroup was overall a success! 

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  1. Oh My gosh he is SO advanced! I can't get Owen to sit still for even one book.. so I need some good Tyler influence on him!