Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Halloween!

We managed to have a Happy Halloween despite having a sick two year old.  He had a fever all weekend long, just broke it today and now has more two year molars coming in. 

We were excited to carve pumpkins, thinking Tyler would enjoy helping this year...
Jeff busy carving.  He looks intense, eh?

We asked Tyler if he wanted to help.  Nope.  Books and "Woody and Buzz" were his requests.  Meanwhile, Jeff and I had a mini date night carving pumpkins together. 

Here are the finished products.
Yes, we used stencils.  It was fun though!

I even got a bit "Becky Home-ecky" and roasted the pumpkin seeds. 
This is the before shot.  I had put the camera away by the time they were finished roasting. 
They are a tasty fall snack.

Tyler woke up on Monday with a temperature of 104 telling me "I sick....trick or treat." 
He knew he didn't feel well, but he still wanted to trick or treat.
We went trick or treating with some friends, Jay, Sarah and Carter.
Thank goodness for Advil so the fever was down for a few hours. 
At one point Tyler said "this so fun!" and then 30 minutes later was ready to go home. 

Jeff was great walking up to the houses with him. 
Funny story: At one house, Tyler rang the door bell and an older man with a creepy mask opened the door and then the storm door.  Tyler started to say "trick or ...." then saw the mask, said "no," closed the storm door and turned around to walk to the next house.  He didn't seem scared, but was not willing to do his "trick" for this guy.  The old man felt bad, but Jeff and I thought it was too funny.  Tyler's trick of the night was Jeff would say "M-I-Z" and Tyler would finish with "Z-O-U."  It was pretty cute!

Daddy and his Tiger.

Mommy and Tyler just before bedtime...for both of us! :)

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