Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Hunting!

Tomorrow marks the start of Missouri rifle season for deer and it has always been a big deal in my family.  It is no exception for Jeff.  He left tonight to go up to the farm with my dad, my brother Kyle, my uncles Doug and Stu and family friend Kurt and his son Clayton.  Jeff packed last night while I went to the local high school play with Mom, Dad and GG.  When I left he was sharpening knives, packing ammo and all the gear that goes with hunting.  

Not only does Jeff rifle hunt, but this year he got a bow so he could hunt that season too and the day we found out we were having another boy, he got a black power gun which happens to be a whole different season.  Wow!  Sometimes my husband is so much like my dad, it is scary. 

Tyler had to change into his "camo" to celebrate the start of hunting season (I know it is really tomorrow but we are headed to the Mizzou game so his attire is already decided).  :)

Daddy and Tyler.
The camo is subtle but Tyler has a full camo jacket too.  Daddy had all of his camo packed.

I can only image in a few years, all my boys will be going hunting. 
I have been hunting before but it might turn into a quality me/shopping weekend.  Ahhh...

Everyone pitches in and brings food/drink to deer camp. 
This was Jeff's assignment - two coolers just like this one...full of Buds.   

Good luck this weekend, hunters!  Be safe!

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