Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Tyler's 1st Day of Kindergarten!

Our first born baby started kindergarten today!  I am not sure where the past 5+ (almost 6) years have gone!  Tyler was so excited and taking his new school year pretty seriously.  He even told Nathan this morning that he couldn't play swords "because I am off to kindergarten."  

I was nervous!  I didn't have any tears come out but they welled up at one point walking down the hallway to his classroom.  I was not nervous about how he would do.  I know he will be an excellent student!  I think I was so nervous because this is when our parenting is really put to the test...have we taught him to play nice, share, listen, be respectful, use his manners, etc?  I think we have done a pretty good job but that letting go part sure is tough.  

One of my co-workers sent me a message that said "he will be off to Mizzou in no time!"  My emotions were all over the place with that one...#1) M-I-Z!  #2) holy crap...that would mean he won't come home at the end of the day!  Let's just get through the first week of kindergarten. :)  

As you will notice, I documented lots of moments before we left for school this morning!  
I thought about strapping the chest harness that holds the GoPro to him so I could witness his whole day...make sure kids were nice and he was nice back...that he ate his lunch...that he got on the right bus to come home...you know all the stuff a mom wonders about during the day.  I am joking of course.  I wouldn't really do that but the thought did cross my mind! :)   

Tyler should graduate in 2028 (doesn't that sounds like forever from now!) so I plan on taking his photo in this XL shirt each year and share the photo progression at his high school graduation party!  

He was really excited! 

Another one mom, really?

Nathan was so excited for Tyler too.  
Cute story: Tyler started crying yesterday before his last day of preschool saying "Nathan is going to miss me at preschool.  ...and what about Hadley?"  I assured him that Nathan and Hadley would be fine together with him at school.  I am just glad we got the tears out of the way yesterday...for Tyler anyway. :) 

South Point Elementary! 

He marched into his new class without any hesitation.  

He found his name, hung up his backpack and sat down to start coloring.  No hesitations, no questions.  At one point he looked up at me like "Mom, what are you still doing here?"  

Well, Tyler, I am obviously here because I am going to continue to take photos. :) 

Tyler and his Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Volkerding.

My last glimpse at him working nicely at his seat as I walked out his door.  He didn't look back at all. 

I am so excited for his year and all the fun things he will learn and friends he will make.  

He came home on the bus before he starts YMCA care after school next week.  He was really excited about riding the bus too! 

He got off the bus and told me "Mom, I had a great day and I want to go back tomorrow."  He told me that he had 2 recesses and had art with Ms. Potter and he is going to learn about lines and shapes in art.  He said he didn't like the lunch, a "chicken hamburger " which I translated to a chicken patty on a bun, but did pick out Purina Farms chocolate milk. (We NEVER have chocolate milk at home so this was quiet a treat!)  He also told me that they didn't do enough reading.  I heard WAY more about his day that I ever thought I would.  Glad I strayed away from my idea of sending him with the GoPro strapped to his body. ;) 
I liked this prayer I saw and thought it was worth sharing.

Speaking of prayer, Pastor Sue gave all the kids marbles at church this past Sunday.  She had the congregation pray over them and bless them and told the kids to put the marbles in their back packs to remind them of a wonderful God who loves them very much and a church full of people who love them and are cheering them on!   Nathan and Tyler both have marbles in their backpacks and then know exactly what they mean.  I love that they have a tiny reminder of God's love even in a public school! :) 

Note:  I thought I would be caught up with at least one post.  I still have LOTS of backtracking to do!  

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  1. You're such a brave mommy for letting him go to Kindergarten! I don't know that I will ;) He will be a WONDERFUL student! And yes, you've parented well!