Thursday, December 18, 2014

Tyler's School Halloween Party

Halloween 2014 fell on a Friday so I was able to attend Tyler's Halloween party at Little Rascals.  It was a lot of fun.  Thanks to Aunt Susan for watching Nathan and Grant.  

Tyler was at the table with the ladies.  
Blue Power Ranger, Cinderella, a bumble bee and Tinkerbell. 

The kids played a few games...

This one was like musical chairs but with Halloween picture stations.  A card was drawn and whoever was at the station with that Halloween picture had to sit down.  

The kids had a costume parade to show off their costumes to the other classes.  It was really cute.  

They were a little hyped up on sugar...

After the costume parade, it was back to their class to have fun at several stations.  

Bobbing for apples was a hit.  I am pretty sure the only way the kids were successful with this one was by biting the stems.  


Ms. Pam helped the kids make white chocolate covered marshmallow ghosts.  I am pretty sure most ghosts had lots of eyes aka chocolate chips.  

They played ball toss (aka beer pong - ha) with eye ball ping pong balls. 

There was a Halloween craft table.  

Face painting. 

Pretty proud of his bat. 

Pin the nose on Frankenstein. 

Tyler was excited I was able to come to his party with him.  They made cute monster containers to take home all their goodies in earlier in the week.  

I should have taken a photo of the treats Tyler gave out.  They were surgical gloves filled with candy.  Tyler filled each of the fingers with smarties and then the hand part with other candy.  We then put a spider ring on one of the fingers.  They turned out really cute.  Thanks, Pinterest! :) 

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