Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Halloween 2014

Yes, I know it is almost Christmas and I am just now only posting about Halloween.  It has been a busy couple of months...

Hard to believe it was Grant's first Halloween.  He was pretty happy about it and was showing off his pearly whites after a diaper change. 

Tyler is dancing with excitement, Nathan crying (to give him a break, he didn't feel good), and Grant looks a bit overwhelmed by it all.   

Thankfully, Grant's costume was also his PJs because he was tuckered out.  I went pretty chill and reused Halloween hand me downs from Tyler's 2nd Halloween.  

Just one more of pitiful Nathan.  We did give him some medicine and before the night was over he was able to enjoy some trick-or-treating.  

Halloween 2014

This was our mantle and what is usually a mirror.  It turned into a Halloween artwork center.  Tyler loves it and thinks it should always look like this!  

Proof that Spider-man did make it out to trick or treat.  

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