Tuesday, October 22, 2013

iPhone photo catchup

Wow!  Some of these photos are really old, but I still think they are fun to share. 
These three are too cute together.  I love Hadley's expression..."Help me with these boys!"

Tyler is a puzzle guru.  He masters them very quickly and has progressed to 50 piece puzzles now in order to give him a challenge. 

Chillin' watching cartoons. 

These two often look guilty when playing with each other.   I am certain they are going to cause some mischief in the not so distant future. 
Ahh...yes, I know my children again have no pants on. 
Their musical talents never cease to amaze me!
I am sure this was taken on a Tuesday after a fun day with Aunt Sandy.
Popcorn and a movie in the playroom.

This child loves the bouncer.  I am not sure he is going to be willing to share when Baby #3 arrives.
Another old cousin photo.  Aunt Susan watched these three one night while Kyle, Maggie, Jeff and I were at a wedding reception. 

The boys did get to go to a Mizzou tailgate and game earlier this season.  This was Tyler's excitement as we pulled into the tailgate.  How does he sleep like this? 
He often falls asleep holding a book. 

The game temp was 100+ degrees so we only made it until half time.  This was the view of the boys before we even left Columbia.  Thanks to my Mom for helping with the boys as Jeff was either at the golf course working or playing in a tournament.  The next game Jeff and I attended without the boys.  Thanks to Krista for watching them so we could actually see a few plays of the game. :)
I cannot believe I have zero photos of us from the actual game.  Probably for the best as it was so hot and none of us were really looking our best...except for the guys in black and gold on the field.  Mizzou is currently ranked #5 in the nation!  Go Tigers! 

The Washington High School Homecoming parade is a bit of a tradition.  We usually sit outside Whimpy's and the boys enjoyed chocolate shakes thanks to Grandma. 

Tyler was given a foam finger that he enjoyed waving at everyone who would look his way.

Nathan trying on Uncle Bob's boots on a Tuesday with Aunt Sandy.

Tyler enjoyng a snow cone on a nice night down at Sunset on the Riverfront. 

Nathan was content playing tractors. 
I know this post was very random, but I had a large collection of very random photo.  Seeing as I am so far behind with blog posts I thought I throw a bunch of photos into one post.  If you are still reading/looking...thanks for your patience with all the odd ball photos. 

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