Monday, October 21, 2013

Balloon Glow

Several weekends back...I am oh, so far behind in blogging (many excuses but no time for those now)...we enjoyed the New Haven Balloon Glow on a perfect Friday night. 
My  In just over three short weeks there will be one more! 

Tyler wanted a closer look, of course! 

Checking it out from a safe distance.

I loved the back of this trailer:  "Caution: Frequent and Indecisive Stops" :)

Our safe distance didn't last long as these nice guys invited Tyler to get into the basket.

He was ready to go up. 

The Pepsi balloon was the "Hare" balloon for the race the following day. 

The balloons are so pretty. 

Tyler loved the fire shooting up into the balloons. 

This one was my favorite. 
This was Nathan's reaction every time the fire shot up into a balloon.

They really do GLOW in the evening light. 
It was a cool event that the boys both loved. 
Nathan said "Bye bye balloons" for a good 10 minutes into our drive home. 

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  1. What a neat event! Would love to join you for that sometime! I'm way behind on blogging too. Oh well =)