Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fun with Daddy

Jeff is the BEST dad to Tyler and Nathan.  The boys adore their dad and love it when he comes through the door in the evenings.

I was able to capture some of their fun one night when both of them want to bounce on his knee.  Jeff's reaction: "I am not sure what I am going to do when there are three of them.  I only have two knees."

I am not sure who has more fun...the boys or Jeff?

These two LOVE all the physical play with dad.  Bouncing, wrestling, tackling, shooting hoops...you get the idea. 
I took this video after 10 previous rounds of bouncing.  Needless to say, Jeff was a bit tuckered out but the boys had no intention of stopping.  I am pretty sure they got a few more rounds before Jeff diverted their attention with the promise of ice cream. ;)

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