Sunday, February 12, 2012

Toddler Games

Our local Parents as Teachers program offered a night of toddler games this past week.  Several of Tyler's friends from play group were going to be there and since Daddy could go with us, we headed up for an hour of fun before going to cousin Abbey's band concert. 

There was a sensory area for the kids including bubble wrap on the floor that Tyler was in love with.   The leaders just kept switching it out and within 5-10 minutes the kids would have all the bubbles popped.  It was pretty funny. 

I can cover more surface area on all fours...

They had an obstacle course set up in one of the long hallways with slides, tunnels, things to climb over, etc.  Tyler was in heaven! 

Tyler loved the trampoline too and kept yelling "I'm jumpin' on the bed!"  ....Great, not exactly what I want him shouting out, but he does LOVE to jump on his bed.  While I am not a fan of him jumping on his bed (or ours), he knows it causes Daddy to "get him,"  which he also LOVES! 

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  1. He is so much bigger than every other kiddo!
    p.s... can we please have a belly pic? xo