Friday, February 17, 2012

Real Snow Day!

We actually had a real snowfall on Monday.  Tyler was a bit under the weather with a horrible cough but that didn't stop him from standing at the back door pleading to go outside.  Jeff and I looked at each other and suited up for a bit of fun in the snow.  

The cough magically stopped and Tyler was so excited to have Dad pull him on the sled. 

Tyler not only rode down the hill, but when he reached the bottom just sat there and yelled "AGAIN!"  So Daddy obliged and pulled him back up the hill.  They ended up just doing circles. 

This photo cracks me up as Tyler just layed down on the sled and enjoyed the ride! 

The snow was great snowball snow so Jeff and I had a bit of fun.  Tyler didn't quite get how to make snowballs so he just kept falling in the snow.  After a bit, Tyler got some snow in his mittens and was ready to go in.  We are going to have to work on that or get some new gloves/mittens so he can last longer to do some skiing next year.  Won't Tyler be so cute on skis?

We were glad we decided to go out in the snow, even with an under the weather two year old. He had fun...okay, we all had fun. Not to mention we have the snow pants, coat and boots to use before he out grows them...and it could be our only chance this winter.  

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