Friday, February 10, 2012

One month to go...

It is hard to believe that in one month....or less :) that our new little man will be here!  We are so excited.  Even Tyler is starting to catch on.  He has been kissing my belly morning and night saying "Hi baby brother."  It is so sweet...I just hope it continues once the baby arrives. 

The clothes are washed, hung up and the dresser is full.  I have everything from 0-6 months unpacked and ready.  Let's be honest, that will more than likely only last us 3-4 months.  We are also stocked up on diapers and wipes. 

 Book shelf is stocked and ready to go.  We have accrued so many books that Tyler still has his very own stash.  I really hope this baby enjoys reading as much as Tyler and I do together.

Shoes!  Can you imagine if I was having a girl?  
I just love all the little shoes.  The pair in the lower left hand corner I am pretty sure never fit Tyler as his feet were so big right out of the womb. 

Bed is made and ready to go. 

The bassinet is set up in our room for easy access for the late night feedings. 

Tyler was practicing pushing the stroller today at play group too.  He is a bit of a crazy driver though.


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