Friday, March 11, 2011

Tyler Won!

Last Friday night, Tyler, Mommy and Grandma went to Family Reading Night held at Washington Middle School.   Tyler loves to read so we thought it would be a good fit.  The only problem is that my little man usually is in bed by 7-7:30 and the event didn't really start until 6:30.  He toughed it out and got to play with other kids.  We learned that we do have to work on him sitting quietly in a circle of other kids to listen to someone read a book.  He usually wanted to sit on the readers lap and turn the pages for them.  So, while he might have been a bit young for Family Reading Night, we were determined to participate nonetheless.    We had to leave before it was over at 8:30 because the little man was just too tuckered out.  We turned in our reading log from the prior week and visited 3 classrooms to show our participation by turning in a hole punched bookmark.  Then...Jeff gets a call Saturday afternoon while Tyler, Grandma and I were at the MU/kU game and heard that Tyler won one of the prize baskets.  I went to pick it up Monday from the library and it was a perfect, age appropriate basket. 

Tyler was excited with the contents - several books, stickers, a coloring book, crayons, some sort of bug/worm stuffed animal, color/shapes flash cards, some girly chap stick (you may see it as an Easter hunt prize), and as you can see a great bucket and shovel for the sand box this summer. 

Tyler WON!  Lucky little boy!

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