Thursday, March 17, 2011

Photos, Photos, Photos!

Jeanne is the best!  She spent yesterday afternoon with us to capture our little man at 18 months with all his expressions.  Tons of fun photos!  Be prepared, I am posting a lot of them because I absolutely love them!
Some of these photos are so funny!  I love when Tyler laughs.  It makes my heart smile!

Modeling pose.

Let's check out this fountain....

Daddy to the rescue as Tyler was planning on going in.  I love that Jeanne kept snapping photos.  Secretly, I think she wanted him to go in. 

But looks so fun.

Love this one!  So handsome. 

Sweet boy!

Tyler and Mommy.

Kisses for Mommy. 

Funny face.


I love this face.

Look there...

Savoring Droege's fried chicken (treat from Grandpa) before Droege's closes.

I love driving the red caboose. 

There are many more great photos!  I will save them for another post! 
Thanks again, Jeanne!  We love them.

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  1. These pictures are super sweet, Tyler is so handsome!!! They are all great, but really love the black/white ones in the middle!