Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happy 18 Month Birthday to Tyler!

How can it be that our little baby boy is a year and a half already?  He is growing up so fast! 
Tyler Jeffrey Francis, Day 1.

4 Months. 

6 Months.

1 Year.

18 Months. 
Tyler was not too interested in having his photo taken.  Mom, just let me read Foot Book.  (He LOVES Dr. Seuss!)

Tyler, Daddy and I are so proud of what a smart, adorable little man you are.  We love watching you grow and learn every day.  From 18 hours to 18 days to now 18 months.  We know it will all too quickly grow into 18 years.  We treasure every moment with you! XOXO. 

We have more formal 18 month photos on the way... (Thanks, Aunt J!)

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