Tuesday, April 19, 2011

We love Spring!

Tyler and I have been enjoying lots of time outside.  From walks around the neighborhood to afternoons at the park to simply swinging in the backyard and riding his bike, he often stands at the back door to the deck or the back garage door saying "mama, side?" (for outside). 

We often walk to Grandmas and on this trip Tyler make a mad dash for the ducks saying "quack, quack" all the way through the yard. 

 Grandma had to hold him back from physically touching/attacking the ducks.  This kid has no fear!

He got away and off he went.

Looking guilty after stealing Mommy's strawberry shake.

Tyler is so lucky to have family members who love to be outside with him too! 
Last Tuesday he got to go a park with GG (Great-Grandma Wood) and Great Aunt Sandy.
I love this one!

Good luck with the piggy-back since Tyler doesn't hold on very well.  :)

Taking a break to play in the leaves.

Another break to have a drink with GG.

His expression is priceless.

The day at the park wore him out!

This past Sunday, we took yet another opportunity to enjoy the beautiful weather and went to the "squishy park."

Climbing up to the big slide all by himself. 

Daddy was shaking the bridge for him and he thought it was so cool!

We will be loading up on the sunscreen for a great Summer! 
I am so excited - sandbox and swimming pool here we come! 

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