Thursday, February 17, 2011

17 months old, basketball and Valentines Day...

So it has been a bit since I have posted an update.  That is why the title is very inclusive.  Tyler is now my 17 month old growing toddler.  Can you believe he is 17 months old?  Wow! 
Such a little ham!  He was sporting the red and the red socks for Valentine's Day. 

Valentine's Day was a great reason for Tyler and I to make some cookies to spread the love.

We made pink and red icing! 

Let's be honest - Tyler was really not too much help.  He was a great help eating the cookies though!

Speaking of love (really trying to tie this post together)...Tyler's biggest loves are "bassetball" and "bookas."

He shoots, scores and claps.  This happens over and over. 
Tyler was trying to make it more challenging by shooting the bucket and then the ball.  I will have to post video later of his shooting abilities.  Daddy had to raise the hoop already to make it more difficult.  Tyler is pretty good about going around the defense too.  Daddy is grooming his little all-star for D-I. 

Tyler is talking non-stop.  On Saturday my mom and I took him to another Mizzou basketball game and he talked from New Haven to Columbia.  My favorite phrase he says now is "I of you" meaning "I love you."  Melts my heart!  He will also tell you if someone doesn't score the basketball: "Dad missed it."  Gotta love his honesty!  He has also learned to "read" himself his books (out loud).  We think he must be translating them to Korean, because what he says 90% of the time he is reading is NOT English. 

It is so much fun and new words are coming daily.  I really have to start writting this stuff down because as soon as I sit down to type the blog - all his new words excape me. 

Well, maybe next time...

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