Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day at the December!

It was such a beautiful day yesterday that we had to take advantage of the 60 degree December temperatures.  Tyler was ready to head outside.  After a good amount of time in the backyard in his swing and playing on his slide, we loaded up to go to Lion's Lake to see the ducks and play on the big slides.  We had a blast! 

He was so excited to go down the tube slide!

He was ready to jump off and do it again!

He loved the long twist-around slide too!

On to the swings...check out that smile!

Dad decided to swing too while he was waiting for Tyler.  He looks thrilled, doesn't he?

Tyler loved just running around and burning off some toddler energy. 
(He did end up with some duck/goose poop on his shoes too - lovely!)

Our day at the park had to be topped off with some strawberry ice cream from the Fudge Shoppe.  Tyler LOVES ice cream.  He looks pretty chill here. :)

Later, it was home to take a bath and get ready for bed.

I love this kid!

Shooting some hoops in the tub - he cheers for himself when he dunks the ball/fish.  So funny!

Two at one time!  One with each hand!  Watch out world!

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  1. SO glad you got some time outside before the big storm and cold weather! It looks like you have a great time. I can't wait to move back to STL so that Tyler and Owcy can play =)