Tuesday, December 14, 2010

15 months!

I cannot believe Tyler is 15 months old already!  I know I say that every month, but really....he is like a toddler now, not a little baby anymore! 

Tyler had us laughing hilariously tonight because he wanted to take his shirt off himself but then he could not get it off of his head so he was running around with his shirt flailing off the top of his head.  He too thought it was hysterical.  He was also trying to say "shirt" which if you can imagine can be a scary word to learn (at least from a parent perspective).  If you miss that all important "r" it turns into a totally different word. 

Enjoying his new "hat."

Here is another attempt - still didn't get it.  He just has a large noggin'.

After bath time, it was time for a seat in his chair to get his monthly photo taken (this month in his PJ's because I almost forgot!). 

Ready to move - not wanting to sit still for the photo but still happy. 

He wants to see the camera so I took full advantage.

After battling daddy who thankfully was there to help keep him from running away several photos ago, he finally succumb to the realization he should just sit there and have his picture taken.  Although his pose is not necessarily appropriate....we will work on it. 

Time for bed....goodnight!

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