Friday, September 27, 2013

Tyler's 4th Birthday: Part 2

After naps on Tyler's birthday we headed to Zick's Great Outdoors for Bandana Bash 2013.  We had a great time supporting an even greater cause. 
Tyler loved the bounce house obstacle course and went through it about 10 times. 

Nathan was a bit too small for most of it but he did check out the small tunnel. 

Tyler and Daddy worked on Tyler's accuracy. 

Again, Nathan wanted to do the same thing as his older brother.

Tyler had been eyeing the mechanical bull since we arrived as as we were heading to the food area, he asked if he could do it.  Sure, why not!  Every 4 year old rides the mechanical bull...right?

I love this one.  He did a pretty good job hanging on.  At one point he even put his hand in the air. (I am so mad I didn't capture it on camera). 

Down and out.  When asked if he wanted to do it again, Tyler's response "No thanks, I am good."  As a mom, I have to admit I was relieved. 

After dinner, it was on to listen to some great music.  Tyler Filmore donated his talents for the event and he was great! 

Nathan was breaking out some of his moves in front of the band. 


These two sure do keep us busy...and happy! 

I am pretty sure we all felt like this after a full day of birthday events.
I am not sure how Nathan got like this or slept like this.
We had to get ready for the Sunday family birthday party though!
Part 3 coming up soon!

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