Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend

Happy Thanksgiving!  We have so much to be thankful for and feel so blessed.  It is a great time year to reflect on how good we have it!  We are blessed to have a home that shelters us, jobs that keep food on the table and a roof over our heads, healthy bodies, but most importantly we have each other - an amazing family and wonderful friends.  If you are reading this...thanks for being part of our lives! 

Thanksgiving would normally be an awesome day for Tyler as he loves to get together with family and EAT!  Unfortunately, this year he was sick.  He came home from Aunt Sandy's on Tuesday with a mild fever.  When he woke up on Wednesday it was at 103!  We went to the doctor and had blood drawn.  (Thank goodness there was no photos that day! Yikes!)  He was a trooper and made it through Thanksgiving Day, but Friday he was in no mood to even play and his fever reached 104.  So to to urgent care we went.  The doctor there diagnosed an ear infection so we got Tyler some medicine and it seems to be helping.  Thank goodness!  It was his first incident with any kind of fever/illness.  I feel fortunate we haven't had a sick baby in the past and I hope we don't anytime soon again either!  I was one worried mama. 

We were hoping our weekend photos included a victory family photo at the Mizzou/kU game, but with a sick little man, we decided it was not a good idea to head across the state and sit outside to watch football.  Wow - kids really change your priorities! 

Mom watching football while Tyler plays. 

Uncle Doug displaying his favorite form of cranberries - right out of the can!  I prefer the real deal.  Dad is proudly carving the turkey.

Dad is taking his carving seriously and Kyle is tossing my salad.  Thanks, Kyle! 

 Here is a sampling of the pies! Ummmm.

Aunt Sandy playing with Tyler who was not interested at all in eating.  Poor guy. 

Here is Dad's plate overflowing with food.  It looks kind of gross now, but the food sure was good.

Table #1 - including Cousin Anna, Aunt Patty, Aunt Sandy, Great Aunt Nancy, Cousin Krista and Grandpa Wood

Table #2 had already dispersed to other activities before their photo could be taken. 

Table #3 - Kyle (mulching!), Uncle Doug, Grandma Zick, Dad (with his mouth full) and Mom.

Tyler on the rocking horse at Grandma and Grandpa Francis'.  He was still not feeling too hot, but he was trying it out. 

Thanksgiving Delights

On Thanksgiving Day we’re thankful for
Our blessings all year through,
For family we dearly love,
For good friends, old and new.

For sun to light and warm our days,
For stars that glow at night,
For trees of green and skies of blue,
And puffy clouds of white.

We’re grateful for our eyes that see
The beauty all around,
For arms to hug, and legs to walk,
And ears to hear each sound.

The list of all we’re grateful for
Would fill a great big book;
Our thankful hearts find new delights
Everywhere we look!

By Joanna Fuchs

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